Backstage3Playing in Kalabhumi

Featuring Fanny the beautiful actress, Ambra and I took to the stage for our directorial debut and presented a play to a very tough audience of trees and stones. Two directors for a solo! What a luck (or what a mess), what a mess (or what a luck), uff! Planned as an impromptu performance we had to improvise the script, arrange the lights and design the scenography between the three of us. We knew we had costumes to play with, that was our only certainty, as Ambra the dresser/director was in the space before us. Fanny and I arrived a little later, and in no time at all we were acting our parts, which we discovered as we went along. The spirits of Kalabhumi chipped in and helped out a lot, and we enjoyed it… no, no, no: we loved it! The play was a huge success; even the stones clapped. And if you don’t believe me, please ask them to tell you how good it was.

Marco Saroldi, New photo comer


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