We stay within a ‘miniature’ scale to focus on the beauty of design, detail and texture.

Liliana-with-flowersMiniature is a dynamic unit, conceived and managed by Italian Liliana Fassino, an artistically highly gifted personality who is its main designer. Liliana uses her knowledge of Oriental textiles (and Indian textiles in particular) to create products that are a blend of Italian/Mediterranean chic with Oriental/Indian flavour. The manufacturing unit is located in the experimental city of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India, where innovative thinking and authentic creativity are standard.

Deep-seated familiarity
Liliana’s father was textile importer, so she grew up with the sense of fabrics from all over the world. Quite young, and still in Italy, Liliana opened her first studio; she designed not only garments, but also shoes, accessories and jewellery. In the 80’s she began specialising in textiles and materials from India, Indonesia and Pakistan, selling the products in Italy and throughout Europe. Since the mid-90’s, having moved to Auroville and registering Miniature as an official unit under the Auroville Foundation, she has been working almost exclusively with Indian textiles and crafts people.


Sources of inspiration
The most popular of her garment lines are fabricated with fine cotton block-printed with her designs and brought to life by the high-quality crafts people of Rajasthan. She also likes to work with saris/silks/cottons woven in traditional weaves and patterns from all over India. A good number of these are hand-woven, and sometimes hand-spun in the khadi tradition after Mahatma Gandhi. Other sources of inspiration are traditional embroidery techniques, and the wealth of India’s antique materials. Liliana will never stop sourcing finely made antique saris, blankets, kantha work, etc…to then create her unique designs with them.

gallery_05Prolific designer
New block print designs are composed every six months. The crafts people make limited quantities only and designs are seldom repeated. Saris are carefully selected: in striking colour combinations, a few from each locality. Antique material is rare and researched with care. Liliana herself is a prolific designer, and each new find inspires new designs in her, at least a couple every month!

gallery_04Difficult to repeat – impossible to mass produce
Because of this particularity, the products of Miniature are created in small quantities. The way in which Liliana assembles each and every piece gives it its uniqueness. A sari may be cut into various garments, each garment cut a little bit differently, each garment cut from a different part. All the little ‘lost’ bits in-between are put together as elegant jewellery, bags, and other accessories.


At Miniature we welcome working with other designers who share our passion for creating unique products with care and quality.